About me

Photo of Tina leading a walk for Walk London. Tina is standing next to a small statue of Hodge the cat.  Hodge belonged to Samuel Johnson, the author of the first English dictionary. The sculpture portrays the cat standing on one of the volumes of the dictionary. The large crowd gathered round the statue are in Gough Square, with its Georgian townhouses and old fashioned street lampposts. On the far side of the square is Dr Johnson's former home and where he wrote his dictionary.
Guiding for Walk London

Hello, I'm Tina Hodgkinson, a freelance tour guide.

In 2009, I qualified as a City of London Guide (City University), and I founded my walking tour company Guided Walks in London.

Then in 2011, I also qualified as a City of Westminster Guide (University of Westminster).

Here are a few examples of some of the companies I have delivered public walks for:

Baker Street Quarter Partnership

Cavell Nurses' Trust

City of Westminster Libraries

Open House

Walk London

I have a mobility disability, and I specialise in creating informative and entertaining walking tours which are inclusive and accessible to all. I'm extremely proud to be the London Ambassador for Euan's Guide, a disability access charity.

I also volunteer at Barts Pathology Museum. I'm a long time Agatha Christie fan and I enjoy afternoon tea and travel.

Photo of Tina leading a medical history tour  for Centre of the Cell.  The small group is standing at the base of a statue in the grounds of the London Hospital, Whitechapel. In the background is some temporary boarding, as there was building work taking place . The tour took place in the evening, so it is dark and the street lamps are lit.
Guiding for Centre of the Cell