Lost Churches in the City of London

A Lost Church that has been transformed into an attractive garden

In medieval times there were over 100 churches in the City of London, today there are less than half that number. Some were destroyed during the Great Fire of 1666, others through Victorian vandalism and some by the bombings of World War II.

The Lost  Churches of the City of London walking tour visits the site of some of these former churches and discovers what has survived of them. Each of the churches has their own fascinating and unique story to tell.

Floor plans of the current St Paul's Cathedral and Old St Paul's

At first glance it appears that there is very little evidence of the Lost Churches today, however with a little bit of detective work it is surprising what remains.

As well as focusing on the small, parish churches the tour also explores Old St Paul's, the great, medieval, gothic cathedral which was destroyed in the Great Fire.

St Peter holding the Keys to Heaven

The Lost  Churches bespoke walking tours are particularly popular with small groups of friends and families, who enjoy history and are looking to explore the City of London for a different angle.

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