Goodnight Mister Tom (London in the Blitz)

National Firefighters' Memorial

This walk is inspired by Michelle Magorian's much loved children's story "Goodnight Mister Tom". In the book Willie Beech, an evacuee, went to live with Mister Tom at the outbreak of World War II. The walk focuses on how life was for those left behind, in the City of London, during the Blitz.

A bird's eye view of St Paul's Cathedral

Originally specially commissioned for a children's reading group this is a family friendly tour. This fun, interactive tour explores the City of London with the singing of nursery rhymes and stories about Dick Whittington and Pocahontas. For bespoke bookings only there is a just for fun, I Spy type quiz with things to look out for along the route.


Goodnight Mister Tom bespoke walking tours are particularly popular with small groups of families and friends.  This fun and memorable day out makes for a suitable children's birthday activity.

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