Covent Garden - Hidden Corners or Sinister Secrets

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is one of the most popular parts of London's vibrant West End. It is an area renouned for being a place of entertainment with its famous theatres and colourful street performers. At its centre is its elegant piazza, originally laid out in the 1630s, today it is home to a busy market, shops and restaurants.

I offer two Covent Garden Walks.

Covent Garden and its Hidden Corners walking tour combines visiting the area's better known attractions with exploring its delightful, small gardens and charming alleyways.

Covent Garden and its Sinister Secrets  walking tour focuses on the area's more gruesome past with ghost stories and tales of murder.

One of Covent Garden's Alleyways

On both tours we will escape the crowds and visit the back streets and alleyways. With tales of actors, authors and royalty with connections to this fascinating area, you will see places don't feature in regular guide books.

Royal Opera House

Covent Garden and its Hidden Corners and Covent Garden and its Sinister Secrets bespoke walking tours are both popular with individuals and small groups, and especially with corporate groups as an early evening tour after their team building days, where I have adapted the tour to finish at a nearby restaurant or pub of their choice.

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