Chinatown Now and Then

Chinatown's main street

London's Chinatown is the largest in Europe. Today it's the cultural and commercial centre of the capital's Chinese and East Asian community. Colourful and vibrant, visitors and locals alike are attracted to its numerous specialist restaurants and shops.   

Chinatown Now and Then walking tour explore the area's diverse history.  The Chinese community only settled in Soho after World War II. Originally an affluent area with large town houses, however when its wealthy residents moved out, the area developed a cosmopolitan and bohemian feel. The tour explores the area's history which has literary, musical and medical connections.

Dragon cakes in a colourful window display

On the tour we will explore Chinatown's busy streets, see a hidden courtyard with a piece of contemporary art work and visit a casino (minimum age is 18 years old) with a surprising Chinese connection. We will see bakeries with amazing window displays of their confectionary, the infamous Chinese restaurant which is legendarily for its rude waiters and another restaurant which was the former location of the Detection Club, a club for an elite group of detective fiction writers, which has included Agatha Christie, G.K. Chesterton and Dorothy L. Sayers.

Colourfully decorated Chinatown 

Chinatown Now and Then bespoke walking tours are popular with small groups of family and friends and clubs and societies who are looking for a light hearted tour of this fascinating and vibrant part of the West End. The tour can be adapted to finish at one of the many local restaurants.

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