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  1. Paddington Street Gardens

    Paddington Street Gardens

    In Part II we are looking at Paddington Street Gardens (which includes some public toilets which have some rather unique features) and the gardens of the Wallace Collection, which are a couple of my favourite public open spaces in Marylebone.

  2. Bryanston Square Gardens

    Marylebone is one of my favourite parts of London as it has magically retained a village type atmosphere. Although just a short walk from Oxford Street it's less busy and the roads in and round Marylebone High Street and up and coming Chiltern Street are full of fabulous, small and independent shops and delightful cafes, pubs and restaurants. Marylebone also has some beautiful gardens which form the centrepieces to its grand squares. They are known as Key Gardens as they are private, gated gardens which are usually only open to residents or businesses located in the square who have access via their own key or key fob. However these charming gardens are occassionally open to the public, such as during Open Garden Squares weekend, and are worth exploring.

  3. Massey Shaw

     The Massey Shaw is the little red and black boat in the front

    The 70th anniversary of D Day is a fitting time to post this blog about my recent visit with my City of London Guides year group to the Massey Shaw fireboat, as it was one of the little ships which took part in the WWII Dunkirk evacuation code-named “Operation Dynamo”.  David Rogers, secretary, friend and fellow guide, conducted a fascinating tour of this small ship with a big history.