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» Listings for October 2013

  1. Teanuma

    The tea house experience begins with reading the cards to select your tea 

    I first knew that our visit to Teanamu Chaya Tea House was going to be extra special when I discovered that the Tea Master Pei Wan while he was in China on tea buying trip. I realised that with Pei Wan's level of care in selecting the tea we were going to have a delightful experience.

  2.  Centre of the Cell

    The entrance to Centre of the Cell is located in the smaller of two blocks

    Tucked away only a couple of minutes from the busy Whitechapel Road is Centre of the Cell, a medical and science based educational centre which uses the latest interactive technology to create a fun learning environment.

    Centre of the Cell is located in the Blizard Insistute, named after Sir William Blizard, a distinguished surgeon at The London Hospital and one of the College's founders.

    It’s one of the most colourful and slightly outrageous buildings in East London.

  3. London Hippodrome

     The Hippodrome in a French Renaissance style, faced in red Mansfield stone, occupying a prominent five storey block above Leicester Square Tube Station

    A couple of weeks ago I met up with Julie Chandler for lunch and asked her if we could visit the Hippodrome Casino, as I was covering it as one of my stops for a guided walk round Chinatown later that evening. Julie's initial reaction was "Good God going to a casino in the middle of the afternoon" however as soon as we walked through the doors she was as charmed as I was with its beautiful interior.  We approached the information desk to see if they could provide us with any tantalising snippets of information and were delighted when Aysha offered to take us on an impromptu free guided tour of the building from its exclusive high rollers room to its ladies toilets.

    The Hippodrome opened in 1900 and was built as a theatre which featured variety and circus acts. It  originally had installed a 100,000 gallon water tank where elephants and polar bears performed. It was designed by Frank Matcham who was the leading theatre architect of his day, whose best known theatre is the London Palladium. It was during this time a young Charlie Chaplin and the escape artist Harry Houdini performed here.