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  1. All Saints Margaret Street

     All Saints Margaret Street Church spire - at 227 feet tall it's 2 feet higher than Westminster Abbey's western towers 

    London has some beautiful Victorian Gothic style buildings, amongst its most popular are Charles Barry and Augustus Welby Pugin’s Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) and George Gilbert Scott’s St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, my own personal favourite. However hidden away, behind busy Oxford Street, is the smaller, less well known but equally magnificent architectural masterpiece of All Saints Margaret Street designed by William Butterfield. It’s in a style also known as gothic revival which was popular in the 1800s and it draws its influence from the great gothic religious buildings of the Middle Ages.

    The spire which stands at nearly 230 feet (70 metres) tall rises high above the surrounding buildings and is 2 feet taller than the western towers of Westminster Abbey.