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  1. Croydon Airport - London's First International Airport

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     Croydon Airport

    Before the days of package holidays and low cost airlines, back in the early 1900s the thrill of air travel was only available to the wealthy. In 1920 Croydon Airport became London's first international airport when customs and passanger handling facilities were introduced. Today the main terminal building, with its control tower, has been converted into offices and is home to a fascinating visitor centre which is open to the public on the first Sunday of every month.

  2. Getting inside Alfred Hitchcock’s Head – Well Almost!

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    Alfred Hitchcock - Site of Gainsborough Studios

     Master of Suspense by Antony Donalson (2003)

    The other week in my unending homage to Alfred Hitchcock I went to have a look at his head. The huge, steel, semi submerged head designed by Antony Donaldson, measuring 25m/ 82f x 11m/ 36f x 9m/ 29f, stands in a courtyard surrounded by apartment blocks on the site of the former Gainsborough Studios where Hitch directed some of his early films. 

  3. Alfred Hitchcock's East End Mosaics

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    Alfred Hitchcock Leytonstone Mosaics


    Alfred Hitchcock is without a Shadow of a Doubt one of the most influential film directors of all time. He was born at 517 High Road, Leytonstone, East London on 13th August 1899 and there are 17 fabulous Hitchcock themed mosaics at Leytonstone Tube Station to commemorate this. 

    The Rebecca mosaic, above, features the nameless heroine with the creepy Mrs Danvers. A nice touch is that St John's Church, a nearby Leytonstone landmark features in the background.